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Kittens for sale
Russian Blue and Abyssinian cats

In the cattery
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Котята в продаже

Last litter Novisenya "B..."

Date of birth: 02/24/2022

In the litter:

- 1 ruddy male (Moved to a new family)

- 1 ruddy female (Moved to a new family)

- 3 blue males (Moved to a new family)

- 1 blue female (Stay in our cattery)

CFA Registration






Novisenya Uber Black

Date of birth: Jan 29,2021


Zacharia Zolotoe Serdtse

Date of birth: Jun 26,2018


Novisenya "B..." (Green Collar)

Sex / color: 1.0 (male) / a (blue)

Date of birth: Feb 24, 2022

Moved to a new family

Kitten cost is 1000 EUR




Kittens from our cattery Novisenya can move to new families after the age of 4 months.

At this point, they are accustomed to the tray and scratching post, vaccinated, microchipped and neutered. They have a veterinary passport and a document of origin (CFA registration certificate).

The sale of a kitten is necessarily accompanied by the conclusion of an agreement.

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