Development of kittens from birth to transfer to new owners.

Updated: May 21, 2021

First week

Kittens are born on 63-67 days of pregnancy. At birth, they are completely blind and deaf, their nervous system is not fully formed yet, and they orient themselves in space only thanks to smell and touch, with the help of which they find the mother's nipples and stimulate further milk production. From birth, babies need warmth and constant care from their mother, since they themselves do not yet know how to regulate body temperature and control the processes of defecation and urination. Newborn kittens sleep almost constantly, and, of course, eat a lot and often. By the end of the first week of life, healthy kittens double their weight.

Помет Novisenya W. Вскоре после рождения.
Litter Novisenya "W..." with mommy Nerkes Blue Princess of Novisenya. After birth.

Second week

In the second week of life, starting from 7-10 days, kittens gradually open their eyes and develop hearing - they gradually begin to see and hear.In addition, kittens become more active, the musculoskeletal system is strengthened, and babies begin to walk a little.Kittens still sleep a lot, although periods of long sleep are replaced by short snippets of awake time.Kittens eat less often, but in large portions, so the weight of kittens triples by the end of the second week.

Novisenya Whiskey 2 недели
Novisenya Whiskey. 2 weeks old.

Third week

In the third week, the kittens still look helpless and weak, although they become more curious and more and more often look out of their shelter and examine the world around them. In addition, the active socialization of kittens begins when they develop favor and affection for a person. During this period, the breeder increasingly takes kittens in his arms, in addition to the obligatory weighing procedure, and strokes them. Also during this period, the mother begins to raise kittens, with the help of games and communication, she teaches them the basics of hunting and interaction with the outside world.

Fourth week

By the beginning of the fourth week, the kittens already perfectly hear and see, their movements become more confident, but they are still very poorly oriented in space. Kittens are quite active, they try to run and jump, each of them can already have a developed character, and the wakefulness period is about a third of the day. Also, with the appearance of the first milk teeth at this age, kittens need to start feeding. In addition, they begin to learn to go to the toilet on their own, repeating after the mother cat.

Novisenya Whiskey 4 недели.
Novisenya Whiskey. 4 weeks old.

1-2 months

In a month, kittens are very active, they flirt with their brothers and sisters, imitating hunting, thereby training their muscles and developing flexibility and mobility. The kittens' eyesight and hearing are already almost the same as in adult animals. Kittens keep their balance well, can jump, and also begin to regulate the temperature of their bodies. In addition, at this stage, the final formation of self-care skills takes place. From 5-6 weeks, kittens usually go to the litter box without misses. They are already happy to eat solid food, and are much less dependent on mother's milk, but on the other hand, it is a mistake to believe that kittens can move to a new home. By the end of the second month of life, kittens begin to get used to the scratching post.

2-3 months

In the third month of life, the size of kittens increases significantly. The muscles are already fully strengthened, the parts of the body have become more harmonious with each other, the eyes are clear and curious. At 2 months old, kittens can only eat solid food and suckle their mother, rather for pleasure. The weight of kittens, on average, reaches 1 kg. At this age, the period of deworming and vaccination also begins, which is carried out after a complete examination of the kittens by a veterinarian. It is important to ensure the kittens are completely safe, as they taste everything and try to get into the most inaccessible places. Well socialized kittens know how to communicate with humans, they purr and respond to caresses and strokes.

3-4 months

At 3 months old, kittens are already perfectly oriented in space and run around the apartment, they know where bowls of food and water are, a tray and a scratching post. The size of kittens already reaches about 2 kg, sexual dimorphism becomes pronounced - seals are larger than kittens. At this age, re-vaccination and preparation of kittens for moving to new families is carried out. Kittens purchased as pets undergo a routine sterilization operation. By the age of 4 months, the kitten is fully socialized and trained in everything is transferred to new owners.

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