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About the Abyssinian cat breed

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Abyssinian cat



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Appearance   (from CFA standard)

The general impression of the ideal Abyssinian is a bright medium-sized cat with a regal appearance and a pronounced ticking on the coat. The Abyssinian is flexible, strong and muscular, demonstrates vigorous activity and a keen interest in the entire environment. The Abyssinian cat is well balanced.
The head has the shape of a modified slightly rounded wedge without planes; the lines of the eyebrows, cheeks and profile create a gentle contour. The line of rise from the bridge of the nose to the high forehead flows smoothly into the arched neck.
The cat's muzzle is neither pointed nor square. The chin should be neither weak nor bulging. A stronger chin is possible in adult cats.
The ears are alert, large and moderately pointed; broad at the base and set as if the cat were listening. The hair on the ears is very short and tight, preferably with a "wild" spot on the coat (the color of the spot depends on the color).
The eyes of the Abyssinian cat are almond-shaped, large, shiny and expressive, not too round or oriental. They are emphasized by a thin dark line surrounded by a light area.
The body is of medium length, lithe and graceful, but exhibits well-developed musculature. Proportion and overall balance are more desirable than just size.
Legs and feet are proportionately slender, with fine bones. The Abyssinian stands high above the ground, giving the impression that he is on tiptoe. Feet are small, oval and compact.
The tail is thick at the base, rather long and tapering.
The coat is soft, silky, fine in structure, but dense and elastic to the touch with a shiny sheen. Short but long enough to accommodate two or three dark ticking stripes.

Disadvantages include poorly dyed undercoat, long narrow or short round head, stripes on the legs, torn necklaces, rings on the tail, cool shades in the coat tone, white undercoat in blue and fawn colors.

Cattery Novisenya. Abyssinian kittens Saint Petersburg.

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